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Jeep (Ch. Uruguaio Carlos Saevich E Oscar Valverde)   Ricardo, Brasil.

Colonel Colt Minies (Cole)

Andrej, Czech Republic.


Brian, Glasgow. U.K.


Christian, Spain.

Jenna and Tafi

Rene and Bettina.

Mischa  (Elielunds Brunhilde)


Maximillian (Bullstaffs Otto)

Isabelle and Lars, Sweden.


Jo, Oxford UK.

These pages are for our customers photos, we hope to be able to show your dogs in their new aecollars products.

These pages will be updated on a regular basis.

If you would like to do this please upload your photo,  Name,

Dogs name and Location on the contact us page.

Photo Gallery - Page 8

Harley and Rosie

Michelle and Charlotte,

Birmingham. UK.


Tobor, Sweden.


Kevin Nicol, Scotland.

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