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Traditional Stafford Knots

Saturday, 17 September 2016  |  angie

  The "Staffordshire Knot" Emblem is the True Traditional Staffordshire Bull Terrier Decorative Stud which you see on Staffordshire Bull Terrier Collars, Leads or Harness. Our items are mostly made to order  with all studs being individually put on by hand which allows us to provide Design Choice`s which you will not find on other sites or in the shops - Our site is all about Choice.  You can select the leather colour and finish of either Real Brass or Chrome for the Fixtures /Fittings and studs on each Design we offer  from the selection box choices we provide. We are proud to still offer the Traditional Stafford Cut out Emblem`s of the “Stafford Knot” on our products together with our own exclusive Stafford Dog Head Studs and the English Roses, with Fast make up and delivery, we post Worldwide.

Bling In the New Year

Friday, 4 December 2015  |  angie

Bling in the New Year

We have just received a new delivery of Coloured Studs to add some sparkle and bling to our Show and Check Collar range which include New Amber and Green ones.

We will be working on the New Designs over our Christmas Shut Down and will add them to the Web site for the New Year.

Colours available are -  Turquoise, Pink, Red, Clear, Amber, Green and Blue which are all set in a secure outer Rim in either Brass or Chrome.

we think these look great and are excited to start work on them.


English Bridle Butts

Wednesday, 25 November 2015  |  angie

We use traditional Top Quality Sedgwick`s English Bridle butts (used by saddlers for Horses so strong and secure) which we purchase as complete hides in Black or Australian Nut (a rich brown) which we feel most compliment the coat colours of the breed we love - Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Each Skin is hand stained and then infused with a traditional recipe of natural oils and tallow (this feeds the leather) by our UK Leather Supplier, this can be seen on the Bridle Butts in the picture.

When an item is being produced most of the tallow/oils becomes worked into the product however a slight bloom may remain on the surface, this is desirable as it is a protective coating for the leather.

Our products are all cut out by hand from the skins (we do not mass produce with cutters), Edges are bevelled, stained and sealed in the traditional manner.

Neck Measurements

Sunday, 9 November 2014  |  angie

We want our customers to receive a well fitting collar which is why it is extremely important that the measurement that is entered at "neck measurement" is correct, please do not make the mistake of entering the overall collar length wanted or giving the size stamped on the end of an existing collar. Collar size cannot be changed once the item has been made.

The best way to measure is to take a soft tape measure and either measure your dog`s existing collar from where the leather starts at the buckle (do not include the buckle) and measure to the hole being used, then enter that measurement, or with a soft tape measure around your dogs neck at the point where the collar will sit, do not pull the tape too tight or have it loose.    

Measurements for a check collar are taken differently as the chain section opens up, the measurement for a check should be taken at the smallest point on the neck which will then allow it to pull tight when being used.

As our collars are made to your order selections we make them up for you so we allow for growth if your dog is not adult (under 2 years), please do not add anything to the measurement taken for growth as we will not know you have done this, we have a measurement guide you can refer to should you be unsure or telephone us if you prefer if you have any concerns  or questions.




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