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English Bridle Butts

Wednesday, 25 November 2015  |  angie

I use traditional Top Quality English Bridle Leather butts which is the leather used by saddlers for Horses so  it is nice and strong and secure. I purchase my Leather as complete hides in Black, Brown and Tan which I feel most compliment the coat colours of the breed I love - Staffordshire Bull Terriers and many other dog breeds.

Each Skin is infused with tallow which feeds the leather by our UK Leather Supplier.

shown above from left to right are the Black, Brown and Tan Bridle Butt Colours I stock

When an item is being produced most of the tallow/oils becomes worked into the product however a slight bloom may remain on the surface of the leather, this is desirable as it is a protective coating for the leather.

My products are all cut out by hand from the skins, I do not mass produce, each item takes time with all edges bevelled, stained and sealed in the traditional manner.