English Bridle Butts

I use traditional Top Quality English Bridle Leather butts which is the leather used by saddlers for Horses so  it is nice and strong and secure. I purchase my Leather as complete hides in Black or Brown which I feel most compliment the coat colours of the breed I love – Staffordshire Bull Terriers and many other dog breeds.

Each Skin is infused with tallow which feeds the leather by our UK Leather Supplier.

shown above is a Brown Bridle Butt

When an item is being produced most of the tallow/oils becomes worked into the product however a slight bloom may remain on the surface of the leather, this is desirable as it is a protective coating for the leather.

My products are all cut out by hand from the skins, I do not mass produce, each item takes time with all edges bevelled, stained and sealed in the traditional manner.


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