To ensure a correct fit, it is extremely important that you enter your Dog`s correct Neck measurement, Please use a soft tape measure and always double check the measurement taken.

Please take the time to properly measure your Dog or Bitch as all of our Products are individually Handmade to your specifications (made to order) unless listed under the Ready Made Items link.  Alterations to the size are not always possible once an item has been made.

I will produce your order from the measurements given and will allow extra room for growth if your dog is under 2 years old, so please enter the exact measurement that is taken.  I sometimes notice that the neck measurement given seem to be rather Big or Small for the Age and Sex entered in which case I will contact you by email to double check, this however does sometimes hold up the production time while I await confirmation. If your item is not for a Stafford then please state the breed in the customers comments box at the checkout as this will help me to understand the measurement that have being given.


 Please measure around your Dog`s neck with a soft tape at the point where the collar normally sits,  do not pull the tape tight or have it too loose or you can take your existing Collar and measure from where the leather starts at the buckle to the hole being used. Please do not add to the measurement taken or enter a size stamped on another makers collar. I will make the measurement you give as the centre hole of the 5 on the collar if your Dog or Bitch is Adult (2 years or over), I allow room for growth if under 2 years of age by making the neck measurement given as either the very first hole of the 5 if up to 12 months old or the 2nd hole of the 5 if 12 months to 18 months of age. There are 5 holes spaced at 19mm (3/4") apart. If you want the size made differently to the above please let me know.​ 


My Studded and Plain Dog Collars which do up with a buckle have 5 holes of adjustment which are spaced at 19mm (3/4") apart and cover a 75mm (3") neck range. If your dog is adult (over 2 years old) I will make the neck measurement that you give as the centre hole on the Collar, which gives a balanced finished result. If your dog is under 12 months of age then the neck measurement entered will be made as the 1st hole to allow more room for growth. If between 12 months to 2 years I will make the neck measurement given as the second hole on the collar.


Half Check Collars (martingale collars) are made for the Leather Section plus rings to pull closed to the measurement that is entered when the order is placed. The Collar will encircle the neck firmly in the tightened state when pulling against a lead (see picture on left) however the Collar will hang loose around the neck when the chain section is allowed to open up if not attached to a lead or the pressure on the lead is slackened (see picture on right).

To measure for a Half  Check Collar please measure the Smallest Part of the neck (up behind the ears) with a soft tape measure pulled reasonably tight (so it does not strangle your dog but is not too loose) then enter that measurement when ordering, the Collar Leather Section and rings will be made to pull closed in the tightened state to that measurement for you.  The chain section of the collar when allowed to slacken will open the Collar up by  a further 10.2cm (4") allowing the collar to go over the head and to drop to the base of the neck and hang loose around the neck when in the relaxed state.

PLEASE NOTE, if you decide that you would prefer the loose state to be tighter you can deduct a little from the measurement taken for the leather section to pull closed to as once made the size cannot be altered.