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Credit or Debit card transactions made on our online site are made via our aecollars " Hosted Secure Business Payment Account ", when you use this we do not see or store any card details you enter so your information is safe and secure. We also participate in the MasterCard and Visa 3D Secure program which is an extra layer of Card Security, designed as an extra measure to protect your card from unauthorised use.

Pay Pal Button

Secure payments can also be made via the PayPal  Button if you prefer, payments made in this way go direct to the paypal secure site so no payment details are seen by us.


Payment details can also be accepted by telephone in which case your card details are taken and entered via our aecollars secure Virtual Terminal page and then destroyed as soon as the order payment has been processed. We enter the order details onto the online system for you allowing us to send you a copy of the order and keep you informed of it`s progress in the same way as orders placed online. We never keep any customers card details on record for future use.


 All Items are priced on our website in Pounds Sterling which is the base currency used for all transactions. Payment is required for all products ordered based on the correct GBP product price at the time of ordering. All Overseas orders placed will be automatically converted into this by the card processor. Once Payment has been made Orders will be marked as "Placed".




 Handcrafted Decorative English Bridle Leather Dog Collars, Leads and Harnesses - makers since 1989.

We produce Items with both Modern & Traditional Stud Designs, our Products are Strong, Safe and Secure, made to your requirements.

Made in the UK  -  Air Mailed to the World   -   Tel. +44 (0) 7577724469 or +44 (0) 7722219371