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PCC1 Adjustable 16mm ( 5/8") Plain Leather Half Check Collar

PCC1 Adjustable  16mm ( 5/8'') Plain Leather Half Check Collar
 PCC1 Adjustable  16mm ( 5/8'') Plain Leather Half Check CollarPCC1 Adjustable  16mm ( 5/8'') Plain Leather Half Check Collar 
Price:  £23.00


Made to Order - Please allow 1 to 3 days. U.K. Delivery Only

My Adjustable Half Check Collars (martingale collars) are made for the Leather Section plus rings to pull closed to the neck measurement that is entered on the middle hole of the adjustment if your dog is Adult (over 2 years of age) which allows for the collar to be adjusted either smaller or larger than the measurement entered should that be needed. If younger than 2 years of age I will allow for more growth by making the neck measurement as one of the smaller holes of adjustment depending on the age given. The Collar will encircle the neck firmly in the tightened state when pulling against a lead (see picture on left) however the Collar will hang loose around the neck when the chain section is allowed to open up if not attached to a lead or the pressure on the lead is slackened (see picture on right).

To measure for an Adjustable Half Check Collar please take the measurement with a soft tape pulled reasonably tight at the smallest part of your dogs neck which is up behind the ears (so it does not strangle your dog but is not too loose) then enter that measurement when ordering, the Collar Leather Section and rings pull closed in the tightened state however the chain section of the collar when allowed to slacken will open the Collar up by  a further 10.2cm (4") which allows the collar to go over the head and to drop to the base of the neck and hang loose around the neck when in the relaxed state. The chain section is made of 2.5mm  thickness Solid Brass.

I use Top Quality English Bridle Leather for my products in a choice of 3 Colours


    you can select either Black, Australian Nut (Brown) and Mid-Tan

Please note - leather is a natural product and skin colours may vary slightly from skin to skin.

Fixtures and Fittings  for this Product are Real Brass (  which is gold in colour)