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Product Information

We have been making Staffordshire Bull Terrier Products since 1989, but other Breeds Welcome, just ask.

Production of an item starts with a Quality English Bridle Butt which we stock in either Black or Australian Nut ( a butt is the name given to the prime cut of leather which is taken from behind the shoulder to the tail of the cow).

We hand cut straps from the skin to the width needed for the order being produced.

The strap is measured, cut to length, has holes and buckle slots punched and tab end rounded.

Edges are Beveled and creased for comfort.

Bare edges are then dyed, polished by hand in the traditional way and sealed prior to the time consuming hand decoration of the leather with the stud work.

Sewing and final finishing is then done prior to checking and packaging for posting.

We offer a range of popular designs from the Traditional old favorites to the more modern.

If there is something you would like that is not shown on our site give us a call or email as we may be able to help. 


Polishing of the Brass or Chrome Fixtures and Fittings

We have found Autosol to be the best product for polishing the Brass or Chrome Stud Work, Buckles and D-Rings. Use only a little, rub onto a small area of a clean cloth then apply to the studs, buckle and d-ring only avoiding contact with the leather, then simply buff off again with a clean cloth.