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SB2 Brace with Stafford Knots

SB2 Brace with Stafford Knots
Price:  £17.90
Brace Width:  
Colour and Finish:  
Stafford Knot:  


This Item is Made to Order for your Dog   

This Item is Made to Order for your Dog

Maker:  aecollars - Collar & Lead makers since 1989

Brace Fittings are used to walk 2 dogs at once by using just the one lead which you clip to the O-ring.

Made from Sedgwick`s Top Quality English Bridle Leather in either

      Black or    Australian Nut Brown 

Please note - leather is a natural product and skin colours may vary slightly from skin to skin.

  Studs, Fixtures and Fittings - Cast Solid Brass ( is gold in colour) or Chrome finish (is silver in colour)



 Handcrafted Decorative English Bridle Leather Dog Collars and Leads - maker since 1989.

Modern & Traditional Stud Designs and Coloured Crystals, my Products are Strong, Safe and Secure, made to your requirements.

Made in the UK  -  Air Mailed to the World   -   Tel. +44 (0) 7577724469 or +44 (0) 7722219371