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W79 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Show Collar

W79 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Show Collar
Price:  £21.00
Colour and Finish:  
Collar Width:  
Age and Sex:  
Actual Neck Measurement:  
Additional Offer Lead 91.5cm:  
Breed if not a Stafford:  


Made to Order - Coronavirus update - U.K. orders only with posting restricted to Mondays and Thursdays

Brand:  aecollars


Please measure around your Dog`s Neck with a soft tape at the point where the collar normally sits, do not pull the tape tight or have it too loose or you can take your existing Collar and measure from where the leather starts at the buckle to the hole being used, please do not add to the measurement taken or enter a size stamp from another makers collar. I will then make the measurement you give as the centre hole of the 5  on the collar if your Dog or Bitch is adult (i.e. over 2 years old), I allow for room to grow if under 2 years of age by making the measurement given as either the 1st or 2nd hole of the 5 which are spaced at 19mm (3/4"), If you want the size different please let me know.

 I use Sedgwick`s Top Quality English Bridle Leather for my Products in either

   Black or Australian Nut Brown

Please note - leather is a natural product and skin colours may vary slightly from skin to skin.

  Studs, Fixtures and Fittings - Brass ( is gold in colour) or Chrome finish (is silver in colour)






 Handcrafted Decorative English Bridle Leather Dog Collars and Leads - maker since 1989.

Modern & Traditional Stud Designs and Coloured Crystals, my Products are Strong, Safe and Secure, made to your requirements.

Made in the UK  -  Air Mailed to the World   -   Tel. +44 (0) 7577724469 or +44 (0) 7722219371